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The dynamics of real nanosystems.

Posted by nxcng on October 22, 2009

The technology of the small.
There are a variety of things that we should consider in our pursuit of nanotechnology. The first being how can nanotechnology help us better the precision of scientific pursuit.  We should ask ourselves in what way can we use nanotechnology to obtain better scientific data? Each form and energetic display brings with it data, even if that data is within our hypothesis and model. To say that a diatomic molecule behaves a specific way through theory enough that the reality of that molecule can be manipulated with certainty by following theory is not to say that theory it self cannot become more accurate and precise. Consider the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to produce water. Tell me where i can find data observed from the reaction of only two hydrogen and one oxygen within a vacuum and i will be satisfied. It has been my experience that individual systems such as that have not been studied with physical experimental evidence.

So consider how nanotechnology can increase our understanding of nature.
I imagine that we can create experimental apparatus with nanostructures and that through this we will increase the sensitivity of our experimental apparatus as well as the scientific throughput of laboratories. The benefits of this are a topic which is in need of discussion by people whom have a very thorough understanding of molecular modeling. It is quite interesting to observe the scale of amount of substance that concerns the attention of scientific and technological pursuits in all of it’s vast range. Perhaps it is only a shift in perspective of scale. Then again, this is no novel thought and if one looks at a good collection of research laboratories across nations we find many groups creating systems to extract useful data from very small samples, as in lab on chip technologies. In essence, there should be a continued decrease in size of both scientific apparatus (volumes and procedures of environmental control) and scientific technology (tools to characterize).

There must be a thorough pursuit to study in relentless detail the empirical form of sensed data which can be collected from nano-scale systems.

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