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Carbon Nanotubes, and exciting prospect.

Posted by nxcng on December 16, 2009

Back in winter of 2008 i wrote a small paper on an emerging company, Carbon Nanoprobes.

I predicited that this company would grow quickly and become adopted into the industry in high volumes by 2011.
At that time Carbon Nanoprobes was nothing more then a great idea in a small office located at the UW’s Center for Nanotechnology. In coming to do some research on the progress of the company over this past year i am very excited to see that Brian Ruby, the CEO, has moved to Pennsylvania and now has 6 employees and is set to grow. This is very exciting for a number of reasons, most important of which is the chance that Carbon-Nanotube (SWNT) based AFM tips will become inexpensive and ubiquitous. This bodes well for all of science, especially for molecular biology and the further progress towards “sensing” the nano domain.

These are the types of seemingly insignificant advances that themselves only effect one industry directly yet have a very large indirect effect on the whole. Be ready to see the effects of these tips reach a journal near you, the ability to imagine and characterize molecules and surfaces  is getting an upgrade.

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