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Enex Labs is the home page for my Open Source Laboratory Located in Kitsap County, WA. The goal of Enex Labs is to advance the Open Source Movement for Science and Technology by working as a “hobby” lab within the fields of Molecular Biology, Inorganic Chemistry and Nanotechnology. The Lab is currently located within the basement of my home and includes two main areas: Inorganic / Preperative section, Biological / “clean room” section.

Beginning in 2008 there has been an explosion of Open Source Science communities dedicated to safe, responsible, open (transparent) and empowering presentation of science and technology. Enex Labs aims to demonstrate my experience in this endeavor. It is important to note that the efforts of Enex Labs do not seek to derive profit. Any comment and discussion is welcomed and encouraged.

About The Facilities

Currently Enex Labs is under construction. The project began at the end of September 2009 and primary facilities are expected to be completed by December of 2009. The facilities will include 290” of lab bench space, 400 cubic feet of sealed “clean room” with industrial exhaust, along with my precious library for books and reference. The back bone, of course: Glassware set for inorganic / organic chemistry, basic analytic instruments, used “advanced” analytic instruments (PCR machine, Electrophoresis), Basic preparative equipment (centrifuge, energy source), SuperCritical Dryer. The rest is unknown but these things are what i am planning for.

About Me:

My Name is Kyle Westin Milliken. I was Born in Laguna Beach California and currently reside in the Puget sound of WA. I have studied nanotechnology since 2004 and i am currently pursuing an associate degree in nanotechnology (think of it as a “fabricating nanostructures” degree) with plans to transfer to university to continue nano-science education. I am very interested in Open Source Movements with a particular interest in their potential to allow “under-developed” areas to “jump ahead” of current industrial/economic systems. Also I regularly attend the Seattle H+ meetup group which is responsible for thought-provoking discussions of technology, science and humanity. Seattle H+ is currently creating a “maker space” in light of the open source movement with plans to integrate with the community at large for enrichment of all parties concerned.

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