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A new home.

Posted by nxcng on January 11, 2010

We have been seeking a new home…¬† Something affordable, close to the ferry boat and work and within the 800 range. Of course we desire the home to have space for a studio / lab… and well, to get a house like that usually costs quite a bit.

TO make things simple we saw a house today for 985 a month that has a HUGE basement and a large upstairs unit. However it needs a lot of work and it would be only a rental. It is a BIT out of our price range, but with some concerted effort the place could become a very good home for me and enex-labs. The basement is very large as i said, with seperate rooms, one of which has a nice door, small windows  at head level and a ceiling, it is large, probably 20 by 10 feet and would make an awesome lab.

We both make enough to pay for the house and utilities but we would not have much left over. The land lord is extremely nice and accommodating, saying that he would pay for anything that needed to be fixed, and the place does need a lot of fixing. The basement had some leaks, today was a very rainy day… That would defiantly need to be taken care of.

I am really trying to figure out a way that this can work… The place is a bit too dirty for abby now, but perhaps that can change.


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What the FUH!

Posted by nxcng on January 10, 2010

Alright here is what is up..

Some paranoid fool called the police on my house and said that there were “marijuana plants entering and leaving the house all morning”, which was a TOTAL LIE. SO the police came with about 20 officers and surrounded the house and came to speak. We told them to come back with a warrant if they wanted to come see the house and then we invited a lawyer to the house. He told us that the county we live in is notorious for getting warrants and trashing peoples houses just to be ass holes so instead i had to take ALL of my lab equipment and lay it out with all of my documents and books related to chemistry. I told the lawyer about my doings and then i had to run to work… Lucky he had an awesome plan.. Rather then waiting for the police to get a warrent and come and break all my lab equipment we invited them into the house to see that there were indeed no marijuana plants on the premise. I was a bit paranoid that they would think i was trying to do something illegal with my lab equipment but the lawyer handled it very well and they simply glanced in my lab and saw no marijuana plants and then left…
PHEW! However, the lawyer told me that if my distillation equipment (boiling flasks and condensers) had residue within them it would have made things a bit more difficult. So for now i am shutting down ENEX LABS until i find a new home…

and speaking of which… I am currently working full time and attending school, so my time is very limited. Also, me and my partner are looking to rent a new place together so my time is pretty short. Things are pretty crazy and we are sleeping at our parents house until we find a new place… I hope that when we find a place the lab can become operational agian.
Until then there is a lot of work to do for school… We are trying to rebuild a custom made sputtering device and also get the SEM working… That will be awesome!

I will be posting more updates.. THe lab is not dead, just shut down for now. IT will be back and finally get rolling.

(p.s never overestimate the intelligence of police officers.. When i was telling them about gold nanoparticles they looked at me like i was a terrorist…)

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