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This Catagory will document the construction process for creating Enex Labs.

Almost Complete.

Posted by nxcng on November 27, 2009

It has been very fun building the lab and now it is nearing completion. I have order a good lot of lab apparatus which should be arriving within the next week, this includes vacuum pumps, Bunsen burners, hot plates with stir, balance, organic chem apparatus (distillation columns and adapters), latex tubing, centrifuge, chromatography columns, cell plates, oven. The equipment will all be inventoried, everything will be inventoried and presented on this blog. Initially i had thought that i might try to build equipment my self, such as blowing glass and the likes, but after research i found that my lab could not economically support both a glass blowing studio as well as any type of experimental activities. I am still open to creating equipment at home, and have plans to attempt to construct various equipment at a later date.

I still need a  good freezer!!!!!

In essence, the lab is approaching the final stages of development. It has changed a lot from my initial plan, all in good ways. It is now much larger and contains a plan for more versatility then the original “cell culture” program i had dreamed up. Once the equiptment is obtained and the final touches are put on the lab i will begin to plan and document the proceedings.

As for reagents and other chemicals / media, they have not yet been purchased or obtained in any way. This means that the lab will not be operational instantly, but that much work will have to be done to obtain via my own efforts, or through purchasing, the chemicals which will be needed.
By mid/early December i will have photos up of the completed lab and also fill out the rest of the description including the experimental goals of the lab… I will mention here that the lab will focus on some sort of nanotoxicology.


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Construction under way, progress being made.

Posted by nxcng on October 27, 2009

Since the start of October construction has been under way and is nearing completion. Soon the primary facilities will be completed and next I will need to stock the lab with the equipment it needs to run.

I have begun construction of 20.5 feet of lab bench space with cabinetry for plenty of storage. The inline blower for the clean room has been obtained and ducting is now needed. More shelving for the clean room needs to be obtained.

The lab is looking very good… slowly. The main counter tops are created and the drawers and cabinets need to be finished (they are being put together during this time).
I also obtained roughly 50 rubber stoppers of various sizes along with two pipets of 2ml and 10ml max capacity.
Also i have accumulated a set of glass containers for dry reagent storage and will obtained sealed bottles for liquid reagents soon.

All in all, I am ahead of schedule but monetary considerations will cause a momentary stall in purchasing new materials.

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Current Status

Posted by nxcng on October 15, 2009

Current status TEST ( i am hungry, need food)

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