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The state of finding lab-space for lab equipment.

Posted by nxcng on March 2, 2010

So i have pretty much abandoned the idea of moving my lab into a new house. However i believe this is for the better and will bode well for the community at large. Let me explain.

Previously i had written about JigSaw Renaissance, a recent non-profit which has sprung up in Seattle dedicated to “DIWO” (do it with others) for the integration of art and technology into society. Right now the base of JSR is in a small loft of a workshop with only enough room for meeting and doing some basic electronics work. It is a nice space, but to appeal to the community in a “safe” way  it is sub par. Also it has no lab space. The new space we are looking at has lots of space and is right near down-town seattle! With big open spaces and a few back rooms it will make a perfect base of operations for meetings and collaborations of all types.

In that regard i am trying to move my lab to this place. There will of course be a membership fee for a “perma desk” but that is okay. With the lab being able to be used by other people in both Jig-Saw and in other DIY bio groups it will make it… well.. totally awesome! I will design some methods for using the lab, rules and regulations, and best of all my equipment can be used by many other people who need access.  This might be good!

The space can be checked out here.

If anyone reading this wants to help out in any way let me know!



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Jig Saw Ren, Community Creation

Posted by nxcng on November 8, 2009

I have heard that in some communist systems it is valuable to have the workers live near where they work.
What is work any ways?

I would like to take a moment to think about individuals and their homes. Some people have shops for various things, each arrangement of objects within the house implies a function, a capacity (think kitchen). It is like a manufacturing entity, or any process entity. Many processing entities are private and rare,very large, and have a significant portion of the “necessary” amount of function for some process (does that make sense to you?).

Moving seemingly jarringly in context, why don’t’ local communities “create” more things in collaboration?
It seems that many forms of “creation” are competitive in some regards.
Any ways, our communities need more public processing systems, shops, labs, facilities, collaborative environments.
We need these environments, and we need to be able to access them for free. That’s the problem though…
To run any process “costs” something, and if you are not getting a “return” which is equal or better then the cost to run a process, then you cannot sustain. It doesn’t always have to be about profit, it can be about balance as well… However some say you must have profit to make balance.

Regardless, it is worth a communally inspired movement of effort to “self fund” such endeavors for the sake of experimentation, at least. What a good use of our time it would be if we did a bit of meeting with other people at a space surrounded by the capacity to create and not just dream. Of course all dreams need a source to come true, be it raw materials or silicon chips and magnetic pole patterns in metal, or vegetables to cook, sugar to add to a baked good, or a body to dance and the fuel to run it… All dreams need a physical form to come to be, all dreams have a cost. It is our tools and human will which allows us to shape that physical form in the shadow of our innovation.

But let us be shrewd in our undertakings and realize that we must look ahead with clarity.
For think of the hurdles that all endeavors encounter and create. Within the “DIY” movement there is much recipe, but to truly research and create is more challenging. To create something unique for ones own specific application require one to in essence be and engineer. Whether you engineer a dance, food, or some robot, it requires a rare skill that takes time to hone, it takes more then following a recipe. When groups are collaborating on projects there can be problems which arise and cause strife. With a limited amount of equipment, and time as well, use of a facility becomes a question of sharing. In essence the Do it with others creation labs will have a chance to epitomize the types of situations which all large systems of processing run into. Time, Cost, Man Power, Interest…. For in a do it with others lab, a collaborative endeavor has a chance to be more complex and in the end more interesting but simply because the facility is “open source” does not mean that the same problems of collaboration will not appear.

In any capacity, it is a great chance to learn to share and work together, to learn to be safe and push the limits of the “general societal” knowledge and function.

What happens when we start functioning for each other, and not for another whom gives us a return that we spend upon static entertainment?

Creating is entertaining!

We are creating a non profit organization here in Seattle called Jigsaw Renaissance, check it out at http://www.jigsawrenaissance.org/


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The Founding of Enex Labs

Posted by nxcng on October 15, 2009

Starting on 10/15/09, Enex Labs has officaly gone open.
The Lab is currently under construction but all progress will be documented here for everyone to read (and also to keep a journal of the work). Hopefully the main facilities will be completed by the end of 2009 and then we can start to do lab work! Please check out the about page to learn more about the project.

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